Thursday, August 13, 2015

Ike's Place - San Francisco

5/5 stars

It's like somebody told you to go to the corner of 16th and Sanchez because there was a unicorn there. Seriously, a really beautiful unicorn with flowing, rainbow colored hair n' everything! You just HAVE to go see the unicorn... right there... on 16th and Sanchez. Would you believe the hype?

Well, I did and today, we decided to drive all the way to San Francisco for yes, one of the best sandwiches ever.

I mean, how could we not? It was Ike's birthday after all and Misty had bought him a princess balloon n' everything!

Ike et Co. are amazing people. Heck, I was only standing there for maybe 5 minutes and I think the only words I said to Ike were, "Ex-Boyfriend" (darling name of the sandwich I ordered) and "Happy Birthday" BUT STILL I could tell that they were amazing people. They had to be to make sandwiches bursting with that much love.

Like many other Yelpers, I can't wait to go back. I'm jealous of my friend Misty who A) lives a block away, B) may get a sandwich named after her, and C) got to eat an Ike-made sandwich 3x this week already. On the other hand, I love my friend Misty for introducing me to this gem of a gem of gem. 

LOOK OUT! I'm going to start cataloguing the sandwiches I eat here because yes, I'm definitely going back to see the unicorn. Besides, I had SO MUCH trouble deciding on which sandwich to order. I want to try as many as I can!

March 26, 2008 - I ordered the "Ex-Boyrfriend" on Dutch Crunch which had what I believe to be not one but TWO kinds of lean, high-quality salami, Ike's yummy, perfectly cooked (not limp, not burnt) bacon, cheddar, dirty sauce, avocado, lettuce, and tomatoes. The sandwich was heated to perfection so that the cheese was all gooey-melted, the bread was toasted, but not dry, and everything was warm and still moist. I hate how Quiznos toast their sandwiches. They have a thing or two or three hundred to learn from Ike's. And the dirty sauce - garlicky deliciousness. Now THIS is my kind of mayo! I wonder where they get their bread? I never had Dutch Crunch that good - chewy n' tasted like it just came out of the oven fresh.

April 12, 2008 - I brought a loved one to Ike's because A) mama always said sharing is caring and Ike's sandwiches of love are totally meant for sharing and B) if I brought a friend and we each ordered a different sandwich then technically I would get to try TWO of Ike's incredible sandwiches... GENIUS!

I am not a wine connoisseur. I buy wine based on what the BevMo! employees tell me to buy or if the bottle's got a cute label. However, I am proud to say that I am a chicken fried steak connoisseur. My skinny Asian @$$ is from the South, after all. Cruising through the menu, I knew I had to try it... the "FORTY?!" A chicken fried steak smothered in melted cheddar cheese on dutch crutch. Oh mercy! 

I'm not gonna lie, it was greasy, it was fattening, and my arteries probably cried a river afterwards, but Ike is a mad genius. I talked to him afterwards and he told me that he had originally made the sandwich for himself. Well, Ike, thanks for sharing. Chicken fried steak was flavorful and still had a bit of a crunch despite being made up into a sandwich drippin' in dirty sauce.

The second sandwich I tried was the "Super Mario" and it's... you know why Ike's so successful? Because he doesn't just make a meatball sub with frozen stuff. It all tastes like it was made carefully. I heard the vegan meatballs were killer, so in my mind, that meant that the non-vegan meatballs were gonna be good. I like being right.

Melted mozzerella sticks, tangy marinara sauce, and let me tell you, I don't like wheat, but Ike's wheat bread is soft and cushiony and delicious. Way to go, Ike!


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