Thursday, August 13, 2015

Marie Callender’s Restaurant & Bakery - Fairfield

3/5 stars

You have to go to a restaurant like Marie Callender's with the mindset that it's going to be standard, non-exciting, stereotypical American fare. A family restaurant for A) moms who want the mid-day week off from cooking or B) senior citizens. Before I developed my palette and learned about non-chain restaurants, my mom and I would come here and share their tuna melt, salad bar, and sometimes, a slice of pie after a mommy and junior high/high school version-of-me day. Good, warm memories.

ATMOSPHERE: this Marie Callender's is the largest I've ever been in! No wait on a Friday night, it was fairly clean, and nice, friendly service. Prices are a bit on the high side for a chain and portions (sigh, fat America) are way too big.

FOOD: they are way generous with the warm cornbread and yummy honey butter. I think we ordered WAY too much. I wanted the chicken pot pie, but barely had room for it after the cornbread, the clam chowder that came with my meal, and a hit at the salad bar. The salad bar wasn't the freshest (browning veggies are not attractive), but had good pasta salad variety. Note, those salad plates are like ICE. The bf ordered the prime rib sandwich, which I ended up eating half of - leaving 75% of the pot pie for home. The prime rib sandwich was actually more like a steak sandwich - the steak was a thick cut, but a bit tough/chewy. The roll it was served on was good bread, the au jus was juicy. I wanted pie, but didn't have any room. Eating here makes you feel fat.

IN A MOUTHFUL: it's only okay (better than Denny's, Carrow's, Baker's Square, or Hobee's). I only ate here because I had to... there was nothing else in the area. It's a once in a year occurance, but a good mom n' me memory.


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