Thursday, August 13, 2015

Ti Couz - San Francisco (closed)

4/5 stars

One of my favorite Germans - who also happens to be the funniest guy I know - was going back home to Dublin so we had our goodbye dinner here for him. This place was every bit the lovely everyone said it would be.

ATMOSPHERE: We needed a table for ten, and they were able to accommodate us in their small restaurant - after about an hour wait. When they say everyone needs to be present to be seated, they mean it. No problem though, because when you're in the company of good friends and delicious, fresh pear cider (seriously, the best I've ever had... every sip felt like I was biting into a juicy pear... and BONUS, served in adorable, small bowls) - the wait wasn't noticeable. Place is cozy small, chic, and LOUD. It felt like everybody kept raising their voices to compete with the patrons around them. Service was polite, but French, and go figure - there was only one bartender on a Friday night so that takes forever.

FOOD: made very, very well and dinner here isn't too expensive! The crepes, yes, they will be the best you've ever had. Done crispy, the savory crepes are made with buckwheat flour and filled with fresh ingredients - can't go wrong. Only con was that the edges were kinda on the dry side - could've used more sauce. We each ordered a savory and shared 4 dessert crepes and a chocolate mousse. We got the following dessert crepes:

  • white chocolate/banana/raspberry sauce (needed more white chocolate) * apple/vanilla bean ice cream/caramel (tasted like apple pie!) 
  • nutella/banana (clearly the winner of the night, a very happy dance in your mouth!) 
  • apple/vanilla bean ice cream/apple brandy (very cool because it was lit on fire, but taste-wise, it was too strong! a dessert shouldn't taste like taking shots...) 

If you can bear not to order a dessert crepe, I recommend the chocolate mousse. It was decadent and probably one of the best mousses I've ever had. Melt in your mouth chocolate! Fresh whip cream, too!

We also had several more pitchers of the pear cider - seriously, an amazing liquid. It was refreshing and reasonably priced at only $13 for a large pitcher. I also ordered the Ti Couz cocktail, but didn't like it much. The flavor was off somehow. It's made with vodka, blackberry puree, mint, lime, and champagne. They don't pour in the champagne until they serve it to you. Kind of a silly presentation tableside. Why dirty a small pitcher, I say? Maybe that's how the French do it.

IN A MOUTHFUL: This is a great place for a large party! I wonder if they sell the pear cider by the bottle?


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