Thursday, August 13, 2015

Tonga Room & Hurricane Bar - San Francisco

2/5 stars

ATMOSPHERE: the tonga room is the definition of kitschy, but the tropical rain + lightening + thunder was kinda cool

DRINKS: hit or miss in regards to level of strength... the scorpian bowl was my favorite of the night (the looong straws are fun)... better tasting than the lava bowl. the mai tai was NOT the best i've ever had, not even close. and the banana daq was bland and water'd down and too icy. ALSO, way too expensive. i mean, cmon, $6.50 for a coors light?! that's awful!

FOOD: overcooked, greasy, fried, bland, limp, mushy, spent too much time under the heat lamps hawaiian fare that doesn't include sides or rice...

COVER CHARGE: really? really! you know who was on the dance floor? old, retired, rich people who could (A) afford staying at the fairmont and (B) were wearing hawaiian shirts and totally having the time of their life. we danced some too and it was fun because nobody took themselves too seriously. good place for a group off-site, but I wouldn't pay a cover charge to hang out here.


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