Thursday, August 13, 2015

Wine Spectator Greystone Restaurant - St. Helena

Such a letdown!!!!

No offense, but if you gave this place anything above 3 stars, it makes me question whether or not you've ever actually been to a GOOD restaurant. My hole-in-the-walls cook better food than the folks at Greystone.

Took my mom here for a joint Mother's Day/birthday celebration and we were so very disappointed. The food was unspectacular... below medicore. I expected better for a restaurant attached to the Culinary Institute of America. I don't blame the school. We asked the waitress and she informed us that the chefs, the waitstaff - everyone - were not students or teachers of the school. Unfortunately, I felt like the restaurant was using the great school's name to attract guests.

1/5 stars

THE FOOD: We ordered the Chef's Temptations and it was unimaginative: lamb carpaccio, small, fried fish, pate, and mozzarella balls? So common! Sure, the french onion soup was good, but I've had better. I also didn't expect french onion. I mean, this was supposed to be the chance for the chef to make little pieces of edible art with the flavors of the season. Alexander's Steakhouse did better wow-ing me with their honey jello + tangerine + mustard sprig concoction. That's what you're SUPPOSED to do. Throw together flavors that a normal person like me would never put together in a kitchen!

The cocktails and berry lemonade smelled and tasted funny - in a bad way - too syrupy, too mineral-y tasting.

I ordered the quail and the presentation was so messy and the quail was way, way, way too game-y. I was completely fed up with the dish after a couple bites. The scallops were too salty, and the steak was tough. The fish was decent, but again, not exciting.

The chocolate souffle will be the biggest souffle you've ever seen in your life and even though it looked and smelled great - fresh out of the oven - it was weak in the chocolate area. The beignets were hot and tasty, but leaving out the sour lemon sauce would've been better.

Over two-hundred, totally unhappy meal.

THE PLACE: Restaurant space was not laid out well, it felt... cramped... probably felt even worse because it was 100+ degrees outside and there was NO AC in the restaurant. The school itself was gorgeous though - all castle-esque. Server was polite, but distant. Non-engaging, and she hardly smiled.

I wonder if people actually find this place tolerable because of the wine that was consumed in the vineyards not so far away? Heck, Denny's tastes half-decent through merlot-colored glasses.


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