Friday, January 27, 2017

Joe's Seafood Prime Steak & Stone Crab - Las Vegas

5/5 stars

You guys. Joe's is AHmazing. Stone crab is perhaps the best crab I've ever had. It's meatier than Dungeness and sweet and alllmooost as good as lobster (and that's saying a lot)! And the horseradish mustard the crab is served with is absolutely perfect. I've never had crab with mustard before and it's a terrific idea.

The service was also exceptional which was surprising because this is a tourist joint. I mean, it's right next to the fountains in Caesars Palace. A millions thanks to Neil & Eric for making our night. We were here for my sissy's whirlwind bachelorette party and we only had time for one nice restaurant so I'm relieved Joe's exceeded expectations.

My only word advice: don't get the steak. Trust me. I would complain about how dry my steak was if I wasn't so enamored with the stone crab.

Oh, actually, I have one more piece of advice: Get the mac n' cheese. It's probably the best mac n' cheese I've ever had. Perfect balance of cheeses and the gooeyness is stunning. I'm dying for the recipe!

Pappas Burgers - Houston (Hobby airport)

4/5 stars

Bleeping pleasantly surprised.

We only sat down because my mother-in-law wanted to. I was going to have Wendy's. Boy was I happy when Pappas Burger kicked Wendy's burgers in the butt.

It was just a really, really, really solid burger! Like, a real cheeseburger. Like, something you would make at home! The bread was nice and squishy, the not-too-thick beef patty was cooked perfectly, and it was just an [American cheese] cheesy, drippy mess. American cheese is the only cheese that belongs on burgers, IMO. I slapped on some mayo and ketchup and ate the whole thing even though the burger was the size of a dinner plate.

Service was nice & efficient too!

Chef Chu's - Los Altos

5/5 stars 

I'm actually not sure if I've ever had *real* Chinese food, but the Americanized chow from Chef Chu's is super tasty and I want to stuff it in my mouth. That's what matters when it comes to food, right?

I liked this place so much we went twice during my birthday weekend. Btw, that's the how I deal with getting older. I have birth-weekends where I eat whatever my heart desires. And what I wanted were mai tais. And Chinese takeout to take home so I could spend the rainy evening in with my dog. 

I can't think of any other place that serves greasy Chinese food and solid cocktails. I adore the mai tais at Chef Chu's. They're no Smuggler's Cove, but they're well made and go down easy. Waaay too easy. That's the problem with mai tais. You always think it's a good idea to drink another one. 

Gary made our mai tais this time and he's a very nice man. He even serenaded me! Everyone we've met there has been nothing but nice and friendly. They even surprised me with green tea ice cream and a candle even though we were getting takeout. It's the little things that matter in the end. 

My favorite things to order are: 

+ Peking duck! (But you need to order this in advance) 
+ BBQ chow mein (the chow mein is a little different than other places because it has shiitake mushrooms in it and that's why I think I love it) 
+ Basil beef clay pot (the beef is really tender) 
+ Miso-glazed chilean sea bass (this is a splurge... for a special occasion) 
+ Hunan-style smoked pork belly (one of my hubby's favorites... it's a Chinese dish we've never had before so try it if you want something different!) 
+ Braised eggplant in garlic sauce (I always order this)