Saturday, June 6, 2009

Always Want What You Can't Have

Now that I'm going back through FRIENDS WITH DEATH and changing my first-person to third, I'm kinda bummed. There were instances where first-person really worked - or at least, I tried really hard to make it work so 'lo and behold, it actually did!

I kept my copy of FWD - the first-person version - just in case I change my mind. Possibility of that happening? Very likely.

Anyway, I saw Star Trek tonight and I ... I wish there was an even better word than "loved" to use, but since there isn't ... I loved it. Bolded and italicized for emphasis!

I am a proud Trekkie. I grew up on Deep Space Nine and Voyager and spent most of my college years + after re-watching The Next Generation. There were some seriously funny one-liners sprinkled throughout the movie. I wish I was that clever. Here's a new wish: to someday have people quoting my book(s).

*not really a spoiler, but if you're sensitive about things like that, DO NOT CONTINUE READING*

What, are you from the future?
Kirk: He is. I'm not.
Scotty: Well that's brilliant. (pause) Do they still have sandwiches there?


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