Monday, June 8, 2009

Two Very Different Words That Begin With The Letter "R"

I just received a request and a rejection. In the same hour.

The rejection makes me very blue (my insides feel like Violet Beauregarde's outsides, post Willy-Wonka-3-course-meal-bubblegum) because it's from one of my *dream* agents (ahh ... the elusive unicorn). Her emails have been super relaxed, straight-forward, and fun - qualities I really admire in a business person.

I hope I get another chance to work with her someday.


Eric said...

Congrats on the request, and don't worry about the rejection. You will obtain your "unicorn" at the right moment.

Christine said...

Hey Eric, thank you for your super nice words. I hope you find your unicorn, too. Or maybe a griffon. You look like a griffon-sort-of-guy.