Monday, January 4, 2016

Viva Taqueria - Santa Clara

5/5 stars

I'm going to do something really BOLD. You ready?

I declare Viva Taqueria's al pastor burrito as the best in the South Bay. (Jury's still out on the carnitas burrito.)

I know that's saying A LOT. There are an incredible number of incredible taquerias in the area and I haven't tried them all, but of the ones I've tried, Viva just blew my burrito mind.

I judge a burrito by its tortilla and Viva's was NOT soggy, it didn't fall apart, it wasn't dry, and it was the perfect texture. It also didn't taste doughy and had the perfect hint of grease :)

The al pastor is incredibly flavorful. The pineapple really shines and the pork is just perfectly cooked and seasoned.

The burrito is perfectly assembled. The ingredients - rice, refried beans (you have to ask for refried, burritos usually come with pinto), cheese, sour cream, and guac - are all EVENLY distributed so you get a little bit of everything in one, delicious bite. No huge chunk of rice hiding in a corner (a con of mine).

Service is friendly and chips are plentiful. I love, love, love the avocado salsa. The red salsas are also really good. One is mild and the other, the deep red one, is spicy and smoky.

Yeah, Viva ftw.


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