Monday, January 4, 2016

Arrowood Vineyard & Winery - Glen Ellen

3/5 stars

I thought this place looked familiar! This was one of the wineries we stopped at during my bachelorette party. I think...

Anyway, hubby and I stopped came here Saturday. I usually spend hours planning our itinerary, but today, hubby and I decided to be somewhat spontaneous. We were on our way to Imagery and decided to stop here too.

* the wrap-around porch; the beautiful views
* the viogner was one of the best I've ever had - very peachy!
* husband raved about their cabernet sauvignons

So the wine isn't bad, but...

* the tasting fee was REALLY pricey for the area ($15 for the standard, $25 for the reserve)
* they only waive the tasting fee if you buy TWO bottles; avg. bottle price $70 (!!!)
* service was only OK. they didn't go out of their way or anything... and they weren't particularly friendly, warm, or conversational. the whole environment felt a little sterile/vanilla.

IN A MOUTHFUL: Probably won't be coming back now that I've remembered that I've been.


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