Sunday, January 3, 2016

Arya Global Cuisine - Cupertino

3/5 stars

My mom's best friend when I was growing up in LA was Persian so I feel like I *know* what this food is supposed to taste like. At first, I have to admit I was hesitant about trying Arya because I don't like restaurants who try to specialize in too many things (in this case, Persian AND Italian food). But a 7pm Happy Hour is hard to find ...

The (super small portion) of calamari I wouldn't order again (they have something to learn from Cascal's in Mountain View), but the Happy Hour mini beef kebabs are tender. BUT, I'd rather just order the eggplant or full Persian dinner instead. I consider it authentic. And good!

$6 for a FRESH fruit mojito (the blackberry was the winner of the night) by the accomadating / attentive bartender - LJ - and friendly staff. It's really nice to have another place other than BJ's to Happy Hour in Cupertino. Ohhh, and the desserts are great. I recommend the chocolate praline cake which LJ rightly said was the best. Appreciated her honesty.


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