Monday, January 4, 2016

BBQ Town - Santa Clara

3/5 stars

Been on a Korean food kick lately. Actually, it's more like a japchae kick. I love those glassy noodles!

BBQ Town is one of the stalls at a food court. It's fairly clean. My complaints: the parking lot was a clusterfuck and they need more than 1 person busing tables. There were a lot of tables that were uncleaned for a very long time and there's no way for people to clean them themselves.

Overall, tasty, fast, semi-cheap Korean food. The japchae was flavorful and a good size portion. My short-ribs, however, were kinda dry and the portion was small for 11 bucks. It was also pretty tough. The rice was perfectly cooked and I enjoyed the salad. The meal also came with unmemorable miso soup. My hubby's spicy pork was not spicy.

Not sure if we'll be back. The atmosphere was not really my thing, but I can see us grabbing stuff to-go.


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