Monday, January 4, 2016

Bravas - Healdsburg

5/5 stars

My mom is one of the most difficult people to take to restaurants. She's really critical of the food, alcohol, service, and value. That said, she loved Bravas! Me, I lovedlovedloved Bravas.

We didn't have reservations so sat at the bar. The bartender and "official iberian jamon carver" were so attentive, nice, and good at their jobs. They took care of us throughout the night which ended up being a LONG night because they misplaced our paella so instead of it taking 30 minutes to make, it took an hour. The paella was delicious so it was worth the wait. Perfectly seasoned.

We ordered a lot!

* Fermin jamon iberico (unadorned, perfect as it is)
* Spanish & local cheese plate w/ fig jam (I heart cheese plates)
* Goat cheese toast with golden onions and white truffle honey (yummy-mouth explosion)
* Roasted red beets with cinnamon, walnuts, and idiazabal (this was the favorite of the night, so flavorful)
* Kale salad with fennel, celery, red onion, and a preserved lemon vinegarette
* Duck meatballs with tomato sofrito and a green olive puree (a hit with my dad)
* Cider braised chorizo and shishito peppers
* Sunnyside up duck egg with chorizo

* Monterey calamari with salsa verde and lemon (calamari was perfectly cooked and represented Monterey's bounty so well! I'd def order this)
* Smothered pork riblets with pickled mustard see BBQ sauce (probably the least favorite of the night)
* Cava sangria
* Levante (Hayman's Old Tom, orange, saffron, cardamom)
* Fig Gulp (fig infused bourbon, alvear PX 1927, grapefruit, orange, and tonic)

Everything was *so* tasty. Def a Healdsburg favorite.


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