Sunday, January 3, 2016

Brenda’s French Soul Food - San Francisco

5/5 stars

Holy cow, this place is awesome! And I'm saying this after an almost hour-long wait.

Everything tasted like I thought it should taste. There's just something so comforting and fun about New Orleans food.

The traditional beignets were piping-hot-out-of-the-oven-amazing. They were huge, but incredibly light and airy. And even though you'll probably get powdered sugar everywhere, you won't care. The beignets will melt in your mouth and you'll be a happy puddle.

The joy just kept on coming. The watermelon sweet tea was refreshing and the cream biscuit tasted like it was made by someone's grandmother who's been baking for fifty years. The pork belly was lip-smacking and the gumbo was delicious. I highly recommend the grillade gravy. My hubby kept sneaking his biscuit over to soak up the sauce. Nothing disappointed. Hubby was just moaning how he wished we had bought more biscuits home.


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