Monday, January 4, 2016

CabbyShack - Plymouth, MA

4/5 stars

I liked it here! Yes, it's touristy. But yes! It has a great view of the water. A view of the water makes everything better.

I liked this place so much we came here twice during our short visit to Plymouth. The first time, I ordered a 2lb lobster and a rum drink that was served in a little plastic bucket. Man, nothing makes you feel like you're on vacation than drinking rum in a bucket! The lobster was a beast and totally satisfying. Also, +1 to the whole-belly clams.

The 2nd time, I ordered the lobster scampi. The lobster:pasta ratio was awesome, as in, there was more lobster than pasta. The lobster came riding the pasta like a king on a throne. It was scrumptious.

Oh, and the clam chowder was really, really good. Beware, it comes with a pool of butter floating on top...

Service is super, place gets super busy.


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