Monday, January 4, 2016

Casa Lupe Restaurant - Campbell

4/5 stars


My hubby and I's new favorite neighborhood joint. It's clearly family owned and the service is super friendly. They remember you here.

Problem is: my hubby and I have trouble ordering anything new because we now have favorite dishes here. The enchiladas with eggs on top is pure comfort food. Get the enchiladas with cheese because I think they work best with the red sauce and the magical runny eggs. They also serve huevos rancheros all day and their rancheros sauce is the best I've ever had. Incredibly rich, creamy, and tasty. I took my parents here for my birthday recently and my mom won't stop taking about the green sauce they top their burritos with!

The regular salsas are too spicy for me but if you ask, they have a delicious mild salsa that's thick and hinted with oregano. They also have pico.

The sangria is good, but if you're feeling extravagant, order the Cadillac margarita with the mini Corona. Go ahead and pretend you're on Spring Break.


Yay! I love trying new Mexican restaurants. Even better when they turn out great, great, great!

After an extremely long day of shopping (fyi: couch shopping is hard), we didn't want to deal with the wait at any of Santana Row's restaurants, so I yelped, hoping for a good place for margaritas (to celebrate buying a couch), and ta da! Casa Lupe. The guava margarita was yummy (fyi: it also comes in large), but the red sangria was freaking awesome. And the food was okay to solid, but very plentiful. I had the catfish fajitas and the fish was fresh and there was a ton of it. It was a tad too salty, but the margarita helped with that. Only con was that I wasn't a fan of the salsas.

The atmosphere was fun and laid-back, the service super friendly. Am adding this to my Mexican restaurants repertoire for sure.


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