Monday, January 4, 2016

Chateau Diana Winery - Healdsburg

5/5 stars

We visited 5 wineries this past weekend: Preston, Bella, Martorana, Kokomo, and Chateau Diana - and Chateau Diana is definitely one of my new favorites.

It's a really cute space, kinda girly + girl power. The parking spaces say things like "Say Hi To A Stranger." My family and I had a fun time sitting outside, where we could gaze at the vineyards across the street. We munched on free popcorn and played card games. Tasting fee is waived with purchase and the prosecco was an easy choice. We also got a bottle of the Marsanne because it was just so unique-tasting (complex fruit and nuttiness). The women who worked there are spunky and nice. They even let me taste things off of the wine-club-members-only list (even though you can only buy these bottles if you're part of the wine club). They also sell food, but we didn't try any today. We'll def come back!


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