Monday, January 4, 2016

China Stix Restaurant - Santa Clara

4/5 stars

I've never eaten at the restaurant, but we get take-out here all the time. We recently ordered a huge amount of food because we had friends over and there were some things I wanted to note:

1. They got the order right. When you order A LOT of food over the phone, mistakes can happen. But not with China Stix. They're always so pleasant over the phone.

2. The food is not greasy! And the vegetables (like asparagus) always taste fresh.

3. The kung pao chicken is really tasty.

4. You get free chow mein if you order over a certain amount.

5. I love the crab rangoons.

We haven't had a bad dish here! I wouldn't say it's super authentic or incredibly tasty (the sauces/seasonings need work), but it's definitely above-average. The only downsides are (A) they don't deliver and (B) they're a bit pricey.


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