Monday, January 4, 2016

Cin-Cin Wine Bar & Restaurant - Los Gatos

4/5 stars


I mean... they don't *need* a Saturday Happy Hour, but they HAVE a Saturday Happy Hour. Not gonna ask why. Just gonna say, "Yes! Woo hoo!"

+ sherry chicken liver crostini (I can eat TOO MANY of these... not good for me, but oh-so-good)
+ truffled french fries
+ pork sliders (be careful, they sell out because it's tasty)
+ charcuterie (it's a beautiful thing)

+ calamari was over-fried to my liking
+ cocktails are way too sweet
+ clam chowder... they need to spend some time in New England to get it right
+ deviled eggs are my favorite things, but I didn't like the ones here... the sriracha makes it too tart


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