Sunday, January 3, 2016

Defries Lunch Wagon - Kapaa, HI

3/5 stars

I'm pretty sure that this truck in the middle of a parking lot is as authentic Hawaiian as you can get. Bonus: food is made by a family all crammed into the truck. And they all make it with love.

Now, the hubby and I had already stopped on the side of road for some darn magical boar, but when I saw the bright yellow DeFries truck, we had to stop for second breakfast. If we were staying longer in Kauai, we would've returned for the cheap, filling food.

Everything here is served with macaroni salad and rice. Gravy if you want it, too. I LOVE that about Hawaii. Even though the fried chicken had a nice seasoning to it, I wouldn't order it again unless it was hot. It was served cold (which I suspect was on purpose), but I would suggest getting the Loco Moco instead. Folks, this is not gourmet, but you won't care when you're sharing a picnic table with the locals and slurping up shaved ice with a scoop of vanilla ice cream hidden in the center.


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