Monday, January 4, 2016

Grange Restaurant - Sacramento

3/5 stars

Overpriced, but very good.

The hotel is charming and the restaurant was beautifully decorated for Christmas. I loved the garland and the dried fruit and the chandeliers. The cocktails menu was great, lots of fun drinks. I had a shrub, a holiday mule, and an eggnog cacao with thick, yummy whipped cream.

This was a generous Christmas gift from my in-laws, so we feasted on charcuterie, a cheese plate, and persimmons + burrata. For dinner, my father-in-law volunteered to share the rib-eye for two with me. Yay! It was pretty decadent. The accompanying creamed kale was unique and delicious. My family also ordered the trout, the sturgeon, the lamb, and the "specialty of the house," the braised beef dish. I think the trout beat the sturgeon and the braised beef dish beat the lamb.

The restaurant was REALLY cold because for some reason, the air conditioner ran and we were sitting right under the vent. They tried to turn it off (I think), but were unsuccessful for some reason. So we had to wear our heavy winter coats during parts of dinner. Our waiter was very friendly, perhaps a bit overbearing at times, but knowledgeable.

All in all, a lovely Christmas experience. I'll probably return for a drink someday or maybe even stay at the hotel.


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