Monday, January 4, 2016

Hokkaido Ramen Santouka - San Jose

4/5 stars

I felt like I was transported back to Japan!

Small and booth-like, Santouka lives inside a Japanese supermarket called Mitsuwa. We arrived 10 minutes before 11 AM and there was already a line. The menu was a delightful display of plastic food behind a window. Super easy to pick what you want. The ramen came in small, medium, or large bowls, with or without a rice accompaniment. You order at the counter, cash only, and then wait a little bit (15+ minutes) for them to call your number. You pick up the ramen yourself.

I decided on the tokusen toroniku, which is made from pork cheeks. The toppings were served separately. The medium bowl was plenty! Hubby went with the spicy miso and was pleased with the slow burn.

My ramen was a delicious sight! It looked uber rich and creamy - and tasted like it looked! Almost a touch too salty for me, but it was still mouthwatering. The ramen came with a generous serving of jowl and, my favorite ramen topping, wood ear mushrooms. I added an egg even though it was hard-boiled (I prefer soft-boiled). The noodles were neither thick or thin, but somewhere in the middle. I would have to say I like Orenchi's noodles better.

It was fun finally trying this place and we'll probably be making a stop every time I need a new bag of rice!


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