Sunday, January 3, 2016

Josselin’s Tapas Bar & Grill - Koloa, HI

4/5 stars

Three words: unique and sangria cart. Make that four words: tableside sangria cart. (order the lychee)

After a long drive and an exhausting hike through Waimea Canyon, we were ready for a feast and a feast Josselin gave us.

I *think* the word tapas means "small plates," but to me, they mean "two bites - make me want more." If you don't make me go, "I could eat a hundred of those," then I think you've failed as a tapas restaurant.

Not every dish at Josselin's was great, but some of them were definitely, "I would order more of that if I didn't already have 10 more plates coming." I wish I could tell you what to eat, but because the menu changes due to what's locally fresh, I can't. I did take a look at the menu and did find some constants that I would recommend:

* the avocado sampler - I didn't know until I was here that Hawaii had such a wide variety of avocados. To a Californian, it was very exciting. I think the avocado tempura was my favorite and the avocado foam confused me, but this sampler was definitely worth a try if you're trying to spread your foodie wings.

* the Kiawe Roasted Asparagus / Apple Smoked Bacon / "61 Degree" Poached Organic Egg was sooo delicious that I tried to replicate it last Christmas dinner. It was such a yummy combination. Seriously. Egg yolk has magical powers.

* If the Schezuan Style Short Ribs Steamed Buns is on the menu - order them. Cheat and order two plates of it. Trust me.

What I'd skip? The Local Corn" Brulee." Because even though I *know* it wasn't vanilla bean brulee, I still *wanted* it to be because it *looked* exactly like dessert creme brulee, but when I ate it and it tasted like corn, my brain was confused and sad.


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