Monday, January 4, 2016

La Victoria Taqueria - San Jose

5/5 stars

I finally made it to La Vic's! La Vic's is the kind of taqueria you hear about when first moving to the Bay Area. Their orange sauce is the stuff of legends and it certainly lived up to insanely high expectations. Seriously, what's in that stuff? Lard? It's the definition of mmm mmm mmm.

Instead of ordering mediocre, overpriced food at the Shark Tank, we got burritos to-go after our very first Sharks game. We somehow beat the late-night crowd and were in and out in 5 minutes. Score!

We came home happy with heavy carnitas and al pastor burritos. The al pastor was spicy! I didn't expect that. My favorite part was the flour tortilla that had been toasted on the flat top. I love it when taquerias do that. These are flour tortillas you can't get at the store!

Are flour tortillas greater than bread or vice versa?


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