Monday, January 4, 2016

Ma’s Restaurant - San Jose

5/5 stars

Even though we live in The Land of Chinese Restaurants, it's mostly medicore fare. It's hard to find a place as good as Ma's!

This was my first time having dough-sliced noodles and it was my kind of noodle. They were thick and chewy... super yummy and comforting. I wanted to order it again even before we were done eating it. I wish more places served dough-sliced noodles.

We also ordered the beef & green onions and the deep fried fish with spicy garlic sauce. They were both lip-smacking, slightly greasy deliciousness. The beef and fish were perfectly cooked. The mushrooms that came with the fish were a bonus! I think they were wood ear.

The place was recently remodeled so it was clean! Yay! And the service was super friendly and efficient. And hubby was utterly delighted that you could get a soft serve cone at the end of the meal. He would come back just for that.


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