Monday, January 4, 2016

Momofuku Milk Bar - New York, NY

3/5 stars

I've never been to MilkBar in person so was excited to visit. I did get a batch of their creative cookies for Christmas a few years ago so I kinda knew what to expect. What I didn't expect was how tiny the place was.

I was a little early to Ippudo so cereal milk softserve for breakfast it was! I got it with the cornflakes and I'm glad I did. The crunchy, sweet n' slightly salty cereal added much needed texture and flavor to the cereal milk. My cereal milk flavor tasted more like a mild vanilla. I should've tried the crack pie.

It was a very expensive visit. $11-something for half a dozen cookies to bring home to the hubby. $5-something for the softserve. $3-something for gratuity. I'm not sure I'll be back, but I am still fond of Christina Tosi. I met her once when she came for a talk in N. California. She was sweet and down-to-earth. I love the Milk Bar cookbook, and her story, so I'd recommend getting the book.


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