Sunday, January 3, 2016

Red Robin Gourmet Burgers - San Jose

3.5/5 stars


Bumped up to a 3.5! Lately, my experiences at Red Robin have been great.

I love cheeseburgers. It's the perfect sandwich. Umami Burger has become The Best Burger Of My Life, but unfortunately, you won't find us driving to San Francisco every time I'm craving a burger (which is at least once a week). I still think In n' Out is better than Red Robin, but if I'm not feeling Animal Style-y, we go here.

I usually get the regular cheeseburger. Sometimes sesame bun, sometimes onion. I don't always get the relish because it's sweet. Always American cheese because I like the way it melts. Lately, they've been cooking the beef perfectly - whether I ask for medium or medium-well. And it doesn't matter if it's steak fries, sweet potato fries, or onion rings - always ask for a side of campfire sauce.

Service is hit or miss - depending on who you get.


FOR A CHAIN: It's not too bad. I was tossing around between giving Red Robin a two or a three. It's kind of stereotypical, but it's a decent place to go with a big group of friends.

ATMOSPHERE: I'm a sucker for James Dean posters. Like how this location is right by the theater. TMNT was probably lots more fun because we had a few drinks here first! Service was nice today - wait for a table to be cleaned was long, but our waiter was great. He kept refilling our drinks and bought us extra baskets of fries.

FOOD: Their cheeseburgers are decent - not lacking, but not great. Clark's wins when it comes to burgers for me. The veggies (lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and pickles) on the Red Robin's are fresh. I love their bottomless french fries. Thick and crispy on the outside and hot n' mealy in the inside. Their onion rings are okay, too, and the sauce it comes with is yummy (I think it's some sort of BBQ ranch). The three stars instead of two are also partly due to their drinks. Love their milkshakes. I also had a Baileys Irish Cream Shake and their Absolut Lemonade (with their great Freckled Lemonade) and really enjoyed them.


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