Monday, January 4, 2016

Russ Sadykhov - Los Gatos

5/5 stars

If you want to buy a house, Russ should be your realtor :)

Need more convincing?

Not only is Russ the best realtor I have ever worked with (and I have worked with 3 over the years), he is also, hands-down, the most responsive person I have worked with. Ever. Really. Ever. I mean it. 10 years at one of the best companies in the world, working with some of the brightest people in the world, and I have not worked with anyone more responsive than Russ. Phone call, email, text ... he'll get back to you swiftly and trust me, when you're freaking out about interest rates and counter-offers and bidding wars, you want somebody who will be there. Russ' responses are thoughtful, educated, positive, helpful, and comprehensive. When you're trying to learn about good faith estimates and contingencies ... yeah, you want comprehensive answers. You want to feel like you learned something.

My husband and I bought our very first home with Russ and we can't imagine going through the difficult process with anyone else. He's our realtor for life! We weren't "traditional" clients because we were actually vacationing in Hawaii (Aloha!) while we were going through the whole process. The Bay Area real estate market waits for no one! Russ gave us great advice (such as writing a personal letter to the seller), was never pushy (regarding how much we should offer), and checked in regularly w/ the seller's agent to ensure that we were "head-of-the-pack." And most importantly, I always felt like he was honest with us. He helped us rank houses and always picked neighborhood above anything else. Excellent advice!

Russ has a guy for everything (contractor, inspector, lighting, fireplace, etc). And since I trust Russ, I trust his people. He also recommended Bridgepoint Funding and we're so happy we went with Mike and his team. They were also very responsive and FAST and EFFICIENT. They provided helpful, detailed checklists and follow-up action item(s) emails, answered all our questions (even at 11pm!), and I really felt like they were with us every part of the way -- just like Russ!

Russ was there for us 7 days a week and when we finally got the keys, he was there, taking pictures of us as we opened the door :)

Give him a call. You won't regret it. We've made a friend for life.



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