Monday, January 4, 2016

Sanctuary Beach Resort - Marina

5/5 stars

I really enjoyed lying in the comfy, king-size bed, listening to the ocean, with my puppy curled up by my pillow. Yes, they allow dogs here. No, the rooms don't smell like pee. Yes, we're close enough to hear, gaze lovingly at, and walk to the beach. The beach with its soft sand, jade-colored waves, and bonfires.

Service has, so far, been wonderful. Natalie at the front, the bellman, and the staff who recommended this second-story, ocean-view suite. The perfect place to celebrate my mom's momentous 60th birthday.

So far, we've delighted in the golf carts (racing about Mario Cart style), the perfectly heated hot tub, the balcony, the balcony chairs, the convenient little sink in the mini-kitchen, and the fireplace. And the abundance of televisions. Oh, and I've never stayed in a suite with 2 separate showers before.

Rooms are showing their age, but the place is clean. I'm looking forward to the bathtub upgrade. Prices are Four Seasons-esque. Maybe if I see a whale it'll be OK.


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