Monday, January 4, 2016

Sliderbar - Palo Alto

3/5 stars

For some reason, my family LOVES sliders. Me, I'm wondering where the rest of my burger is. Ha!

Anyway, since my mom loves sliders and Happy Mom = Happy Life, we went to Sliderbar. We were seated right away because it was just before 5 PM on a Saturday. There was only 1 waiter though so service was a bit slow. It was also kinda price-y. Remember, these are not whole burgers...

I started with the mint white sangria and regretted it. It was too sweet! It sounded like it would be refreshing, but it wasn't. It also wasn't very minty.

The rest of the meal was fine. Nothing spectacular, but it didn't suck either. I liked the sticky wings with its hint of lime. It had an Asian spin to it. The truffle fries with the garlic aioli and the sweet potato fries with the honey mustard were also decent.

I went with a regular ol' cheeseburger slider, my sissy-poo had the cheeseburger with bacon, and my mom did the Bravocado. The Bravocado was actually pretty unique! It was a ground, garlic chicken patty with avocado, gem lettuce, tomatoe, and chipotle sauce on a multigrain bun. It was pretty good!

Not my favorite place in Palo Alto, but it was worth a try.


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