Monday, January 4, 2016

State Bird Provisions - San Francisco

5/5 stars

State Bird makes eating FUN.

If you didn't know already, State Bird Provisions is... American-style dim sum. It's passed hor d'oeuvres, the most amusing of amuse-bouches.

A party in your mouth.

It was an inimitable experience. Hubby and I were utterly delighted and ordered 21 dishes. Yes, there were only 2 of us.

The rockstars:
1. the ice cream sandwiches & 'world peace' peanut muscovado milk... PURE FAIRY DUST.
2. pork belly pluot salad... this one blew us away. We would have never in a million years put together pork belly and pluots!
3. smoked trout-avocado 'homemade chip & dip'... how could smushed fish be so tasty??
4. state bird (which is basically the best fried quail ever made) with "french onion soup-like" onions
5. sourdough, sauerkraut, pecorino & ricotta pancake... I honestly could eat a pile of these!
6.. 'nasukatsu' japanese-style fried eggplant with miso, ginger, okra, and tomato... eggplant makes me swoon.

And hubby couldn't stop raving every 1.222346 seconds about the duck liver mousse with almond biscuits. Pssttt... the biscuits are made with duck fat.

We also ordered a few other things...

guinea hen dumpling with aromatic broth
necatarine with whipped crescenza & pink peppercorn
shishitos with cumin-goat cheese fondue
sweet corn polenta 'elote'
heirloom tomato bay shrimp 'louie'
chanterelle, ham & fregola summer salad
garlic bread with burrata
heirloom tomato cabot cheddar whole-grain pancake
CA state bird with provisions
air-dried beef with red chili vinaigrette
hog island oyster, spicy kohlrabi kraut & sesame
and I somehow got tricked into eating gizzards

SPECIAL SHOUT-OUT to my fellow foodie, Jen, who gifted me her reservations!!!


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