Tuesday, January 5, 2016

The Cavalier - San Francisco

3/5 stars

Christmas shopping date with my mama! We wanted to stay close to Macy's and I was tickled pink to find that The Cavalier was within walking distance. Yeeess, cocktails and a Marlowe burger coming right up!

The place was really cute and cozy. I liked the decor. Who doesn't like red-leather booths? It *felt* like a swanky brasserie! Service was nice enough.

I've been following Anna Weinberg on Instagram and drooling over The Cavalier's gorgeous cocktails so I couldn't wait to order the Bramble. Unfortunately, my Bramble didn't look anything like what she posted:



It was skillfully constructed, but didn't blow me away. My mom's Pencillin was really smoky with its Great King's St. scotch, honey syrup, ginger juice, and lemon. She said it tasted better with food.

The food was really solid. We got the Shakshuka and the famous Marlowe burger. I adored the Shakshuka. I've never had it before. Egg yolk + spicy tomato sauce = dreamy. Dip, dip, dip with the toasted baguette.

Unfortunately, the Marlowe burger didn't meet my expectations. Maybe they were too high. It was good, not great. Certainly not the best burger in SF. It could've been my fault. I made the mistake of ordering it medium-rare and it came out more rare/more cool than I prefer. But no matter, the thrice-cooked chips were just the right amount of crisp. I guess thrice does the trick. Yummy dipped in the horseradish aioli. Do you like aioli more than mayo? I can't decide.


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