Monday, January 4, 2016

The Table - San Jose

4/5 stars

1. figgy fig fig & green walnut, 2. pims with cucumber juice, 3. mai tai with fresh cherry syrup, and 4. a very complicated, awesome tequila, absinthe & fig concoction


Call me a fan. Brunch and the excellent bartenders (Jason, Jimmy, Eri(c/k), and Sal) have won me over. This is now my go-to place for cocktails since my favorite bartender at Alexander's is nowhere to be found (David Clark, where are you?). I think we've ordered everything off the cocktails menu (before the expansion), but I prefer having the gentlemen make me something off-menu. They're just that good (and talented). The bar is also gorgeous. It's made from reclaimed wood.

The eggs benedict is different, but I really like the Acme green onion slab and the slice of ham is generous. The fried chicken biscuit w/ gravy is tasty and the chilaquiles has majorly improved. For appetizers, the scotch egg and Rocky Jr.'s chicken mousse are delicious. I haven't had much for dinner, but I don't think you can go wrong with their seasonal pasta dish. And their burger is the best "fancy burger" in the Bay Area (the best non-fancy is In n' Out of course).

I'm looking forward to visiting now that the remodeling is complete!


Hans, the bartender, was très lovely. I tried his Finn's Revenge (with huckleberry + ginger, how could I resist?), Veneto (maraschino + moscato), and Vieux Carre (rye + cognac, don't order if you don't like that sort of thing). They were all well-crafted, well-balanced. And $8 for bottomless mimosas? Wow!

The chorizo + poached cocotte was sumptuous! My husband ordered it and already I'm plotting our return so *I* can order it. I had the chilaquiles. The tortilla chips, though smothered in a delicious red sauce, still held their crunch while the egg yolks did the magical thing that egg yolks do. I would've liked more avocado and perhaps a protein (chorizo?). Also, not sure why some of the breakfasts come with potatoes and why some don't.

Pros: service was spot-on, I found the decor cozy and inviting
Cons: space is small, food prices are on the very high side


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