Monday, January 4, 2016

West End Tap & Kitchen - Santa Cruz

4/5 stars

My second time here. The first was for a bridal shower. West End set aside one section of the restaurant for us, with chic bench seating. They were super easy to work with. They let us come in early to decorate and even helped fill mason jars with water for the flowers. It was a nice place for a slightly rustic, casual shower. And the passion fruit beer was a hit with the ladies.

I visited again today. It was the perfect place to start my family's weekend in Monterey for my mom's 60th! We got seated at a lovely table under the skylight near the kitchen. In a sunny spot. I'm a fan of how they do wooden tables and linen napkins. Mom and I discussed our plans to install a pizza oven just like West End's.

We ordered the beer sampler which was super fun to share. The garlic mushroom flatbread and grilled cheese sandwich were a hit. I also like how they do their calamari. Lightly fried, non-oily, and served with a yummy mignonette. Service was darling and she even surprised my mom with some chocolate gelato complete with birthday candle.

I wonder what we'll celebrate here next...


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