Tuesday, December 29, 2015

A Slice of New York - San Jose

5/5 stars


TLDR: We had our wedding reception here... that's how much we love this place.

I used to come every two weeks or so after karate, but ever since the beau moved and my commute got worse, I haven't stopped in as much as I'd like. SUPER GLAD to report that the slices are just as good as I remember!

Going to NY in a few weeks and I'm afraid the pizza won't be as good as this. What does that say about how delicious this place is?


JOYFUL: Greasy. Authentic. Foldable. Huge. Thin. Delicious.

I've been driving past it for awhile now and have always been itching to stop in because I absolutely love New York-style pizza. Sadly, the only way I've been able to satiate my NY pizza thirst is by buying Pizza Hut's New York pizza. Oh, the shame!

Today I got my chance to stop by A Slice of New York and conclusion is: I'm so freaking happy that I have a place like this to go to now. And BONUS! They're open till 1AM on weekends! Nothing (except for Taco Bell and Jack in the Box) is open that late around this here suburbs. Now I have a place to go when me and my friends are hungry, but indecisive. Ever happen to you?

THE ATMOSPHERE: It's closet-sized (with just 6 stools), but I think that adds to its charm. Cool NY memorbilia including an awesome graffiti on the back kitchen wall honoring the firefighters of 9/11. There's also a pile of magazines/books (incl. Curious George's visit to a pizza parlor) and a Wall of Shame that brings to mind that classic soup Nazi "Seinfeld" episode (disrespectful people - NO PIZZA FOR YOU)! Really enjoyed meeting the owner - really nice, talkative guy with good things to say with a trace of a New York accent.

THE FOOD: Again, I'm so happy. I ordered a slice of pepperoni and they were out, but I was more than willing to wait for 5 minutes for a fresh pepperoni pie. Score! The first bite scorched my mouth, but it was worth it. Plenty of pepperoni, fresh-tasting, tomato-y sauce, stringy cheese (you know, when you bite and pull back and a thread of cheese refuses to give), and the crust was crisp and perfect. Had to use a couple napkins to soak up the grease pools, but that's what makes a New York pizza a New York pizza. Oh, and yes, it was a huge slice (for only $3.50!) and foldable. On the counter, there were a chili flakes shaker, a bottle of hot sauce, and a shaker full of garlic powder. I used the garlic powder shaker generously and thanked the Pizza Gods that I can get a slice this good without having to fly across the US.

They now serve the best darn garlic rolls in the world. Eat em' while they're hot - the bread is just absolutely perfect - crisp on the outside, soft n' chewy on the inside, and freakin' covered with garlic swimming in good quality olive oil. Also new on the menu as of August 5th, EGGPLANT PANINIS with BALSAMIC VINEGAR brought all the way over from ITALY. I seriously love this place to bits.


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