Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Anthony’s Seafood Restaurant - Middletown, RI

5/5 stars

If there was a title I'd like to have, it'd be "Lobster Roll Connoisseur."

* The lobster MUST NOT be overly-mayo'd. The mayo has to lightly coat the claw meat. Think barely there. Really, the mayo's only use should be to help stick the lobster pieces together and to add a touch of wet to the roll. There should be chopped celery in the mayo.

* The lobster meat must be FRESH, SWEET, and CRISP! Lobster meat to bun ration should be 3:1. There should be at least 5 claws, mixed in with some succulent tail meat.

* The roll should be lightly toasted, warm, and buttery. Texas toast works well.

* The lettuce should be green-leaf and crunchy not cut up.

* A wedge of lemon should be squeezed over the meat.

Anthony's roll was all of the above and more.

Their kung-pao calamari was unique and very good!

Their clam strips were not overly-breaded, the clams were sweet, chewy, and tasted fresh.

Their clam chowder was creamy, well-seasoned, but needed more clams.

Newport blueberry beer tasted like pie.

Tried the Rhode Island specialty: stuffed quahog (a clam shell stuffed with clams, chorizo, peppers, onions, and spices). It was the only meh thing. Way too much breading. It tasted like day-old bread. Barely there seafood.

All in all, a fantastic, non-touristy seafood market! Chow here before doing the lovely Cliff Walk and don't forget to visit the GORGEOUS, monumental Breakers mansion.

(Oct 2010)

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