Tuesday, December 29, 2015

El Farolito - San Francisco

1/5 stars

I came here with some visiting New Yorkers who had heard about this place. I think El Farolito is supposed to be one of the Burrito Gods of San Francisco or something. And yes, the burritos are solid, but nothing special. I mean, you can get an extremely well-made burrito with delicious carne asada or carnitas in a ton of places in California (thank God for that). But what really stood out for me was the mighty quesadilla. I have learned, by dining in Mexican restaurants where actual Mexicans eat, that quesadillas are not just thin, lifeless flour tortillas with melting yellow cheese in the middle. Heck to the no. True quesadillas are more like monster soft tacos. The exterior (the flour tortilla) should display an array of beautiful, golden markings received from being pressed to a hot griddle while the interior should be filled to bursting with meat, cheese (usually white), and avocado. The carne asada really shone in the quesadilla.

My only problem is that this place is extremely filthy and they allow the homeless to come in and attack you while you eat. One star because the owner should probably do something about this. Oh, and there's powder in my horchata.


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