Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Grimaldi’s - Brooklyn

4/5 stars

I was expecting at least a 45 minute wait. Possibly even prepared to stand there for two hours to try the famed Grimaldi's.

Well ... I gotta say ... and I hardly ever swear, but ...



Scalding hot out of the oven, the pizza's crust has a tasty hint of charcoal, but because the fresh tomato sauce is so hot, the crust got soggy really fast. The best part was definitely the globs of cheese and the thick coins of pepperoni (we ordered half pepperoni & mushroom, half sausage & mushroom).

Even though the pizza was very, very good, it wasn't the best I've ever had. *squeaks* It wasn't even the best pie I had that trip (you guys gotta try Zuppardi's in Connecticut).

Grimaldi's is definitely an institution and not just all hype. I would definitely try it. When you're done, take a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge and be glad you're in New York.


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