Monday, December 28, 2015

La Costa - San Jose

4/5 stars


Been back multiple times since my first visit ... I'm a huge fan of their quesadilla. Their quesadilla isn't flat, it's more like a gordita. The flour tortillas are pillowy, more like flatbread (my favorite part) and filled up nice and thick with cheese and your choice of meat (+ avocado, if you pay extra).

La Costa's quesadilla + sangria + tanning by the pool with a friend = awesome summer days.


Mexican. Check!
Fast. Check!
Authentic. Check!
Cheap. Check! Check! Check!
Taco Bell, it looks like you've got some competition. Actually, this is probably where Mexican people go when they want fast-food.

ATMOSPHERE: We parked, walked around the corner, and blinked. Where was the inside part? To my surprise, there is no inside. The colorful restaurant is outdoor dining only. They've got a good number of tables though - probably better in the summer. It was kinda cold, but oh well. When in Rome... The menu was hand-painted on the wall, nobody spoke English, and there was Mexican music blasting out of the speakers. I had a big silly grin on my face. This is gonna be fun!

FOOD: SO CHEAP! Dirt cheap. Almost everything is $5 or less. Score! I ordered the chili verde plate and the bf ordered the "talked about" shrimp ceviche and a carnitas burrito. Food came out nice and hot. My chili verde consisted of huge chunks of pork, rice, beans, tortillas, tomatoes, radishes, and lime wedges. I also got extra sliced fresh avocado for a dollar. Yum. The pork wasn't too fatty and very tender. The sauce wasn't as savory or as flavorful as I would have liked it, but hey, I got this whole package for 5 bucks so I can't really complain. Beans were really runny, but decent. Didn't like the rice at all - way too dry. The bf loved the shrimp ceviche, and for $3.50, they weren't skimpy on the shrimp! His burrito, for $3.75, was solid - more squat and wide than long. I took a bite and it was tasty - though way too spicy for me. If you don't like spicy, don't get the salsa added to it.

IN A MOUTHFUL: Cheap, super friendly, and good - I don't really see any problem with that!


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