Monday, December 28, 2015

La Petite Rive - Little River (closed)

5/5 stars

An elegant 5-course meal for $35???

La Petite Rive proves that all you need for affordable fine dining is local produce and a few table-clothed tables.

Amuse Bouche: a generous cut of filet mignon, stuffed with dried apricots and blue cheese, served with a glass of red wine to compliment the beef

I could've eaten a whole steak of this. The filet was incredibly tender and I don't normally like blue cheese, but the hint of it went with the beef and sweet, dried fruit really well. An exciting way to start the meal. We knew after the first bite that the rest of the courses were going to be delicious.

Soup: Mushroom and Red Peppers

The soup was pureed and creamy, with a hint of curry. It was a touch too salty, but it was certainly cozy in a bowl.

Salad: Red-leaf lettuce with a citrus vinagrette

The weakest part of the meal. The greens were fresh and the dressing was refreshing, but I wasn't a fan of the vinagrette (too sour). The salad was also overly wet.

Palate Cleanser: Fresh raspberry sorbet with a lemon crust

It was sweet, tart, homemade - the perfect palate cleanser.

Entree: Roasted Duck with a ginger, blackberry sauce

I don't normally like duck prepared the French or American way because it can be too dry or game-y. But after reading the reviews, it was clear that the duck was La Petite Rive's signature dish so I just had to try it. I also have a weakness for berry reductions.

Again, I go back to gawk at the price. $35 for half a duck plus all of the above?! Wow. The duck was mostly lean, with a delicious crispy skin. Not at all game-y. The sauce had a great balance of ginger and blackberry and didn't overpower the unique flavor of duck. It was great and I had a ton for leftovers.

IN A MOUTHFUL: La Petite Rive is a dream restaurant. Intimate, caring, with an efficient staff and a talented chef who supports his community by buying local produce. Call ahead and cross your fingers that you'll get a table, there are only 7 available. I'd also recommend the 8PM seating so you don't feel rushed to finish.


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