Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Mac’s Kosher Style Delicatessen - Santa Rosa

5/5 stars

If I lived in Santa Rosa, I'd probably get fat off these sandwiches.

After a morning of wedding venue touring, we stopped in here for a quick bite. Settling down into a booth, I felt like we were in some Great Aunt's kitchen - friendly, easy, inviting. With lots of cooked-with-love meat warming in the kitchen.

Ordered the hot pastrami with slaw on a soft onion roll and it was phenomenal. The pastrami was perfectly-seasoned, juicy, and piled high Seriously tasty stuff.

The slaw and macaroni salad were homemade and not overly mayo-ed. I almost always order macaroni salad and, unfortunately, almost always never find a salad that isn't drowning in mayo. Boy always wonders why I order it if I never end up eating it. Answer is because sometimes, I'll get lucky and find a macaroni salad like the one made at Mac's.

And it all came with a crispy dill pickle.

Can't say much more than: perfect.


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