Monday, December 28, 2015

Mendocino Village Inn - Mendocino (closed)

2/5 stars

THE INN: This property is owned by the MacCallum House. If I ever vacation to Mendocino again, I think I'd rather stay at one of the cottages or at the main MacCallum house. The Inn was really old and kinda quiet and spooky at night. The garden was also not as well maintained as the main house's garden.

THE ROOM: Clean, but really old and shabby. I hated the sink and the shower was tiny. The carpet also needs to be replaced. The highlight was most definitely the jetted tub big enough for two comfortably. The fireplace was a plus, but they forgot our matches! So, in the middle of the cold night, we had to go back to the main house. Luckily, the restaurant staff was cleaning up, so we were able to ask for matches. If the restaurant had been closed, we would've been out of luck. There were no stores open past 11PM and the Village Inn doesn't have a front desk. The front desk at the main house was also closed for the night. Round the clock service would've been nice - especially for this price! At $275 a night, I'd say the Mendocino Village Inn was way over-priced.

THE FOOD: Two $7 tokens came with our room. They can be used from 5PM to 9PM. We stopped in to use our tokens for drinks - sat in the cozy parlor. If it was snowing outside, it would've been a picture-perfect setting. Hot, locally made apple cider with brandy if you please! Breakfast also came with the price of the room. It was really fresh and well done. I had the breakfast burrito and the ground, housemade sausage was tasty. A fresh-squeezed mimosa also came with the meal. We lucked out when it came to the weather and were able to enjoy our breakfast out on the sunny porch overlooking the greenery.


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