Monday, December 28, 2015

Pampas - Palo Alto

5/5 stars

With all-you-can-steak, EVERYDAY is Christmas at Pampas!

We were able to get a table for an early birthday dinner without reservations and I was soo excited. I was not disappointed when things just kept getting better and better and better ...

They don't just give you free bread, but delicately fried plantains and cheese-filled biscuits. The service was extremely polite and attentive and the restaurant was Über chic, clean, and modern. The cocktails were exotic, crisp, and perfectly-made, and the food ... Oh. The. Food. The $44 all-you-can-eat food.

The meats just melt in your mouth. Most were perfectly seasoned, though, I must admit, there were a couple items that were allllmost too salty. But it's okay because there's a ton of food. If you don't like something, try another. There are more things to like than to not. My favorites included:

* Picanha (Brazilian cut top sirloin with rock salt and olive oil)
* Medalhao Com Alho orCom Queijo (filet seasoned with garlic/herbs or parmesan)
* Maminha (tri-tip seasoned with rock salt and olive oil)
* Frango (chicken marinated with smoked paprika and lemon)
* Abacaxi (slow-roasted pineapple)
* Peru (turkey breast wrapped in smoked bacon)
* Fraldinha (skirt steak with onion-herb marinade)

Are you drooling yet? I told you. Christmas.

And I haven't even mentioned the side bar. There are delicious cheeses, salami, cold pasta, mashed potatoes, roasted vegetables, beans, rice, cold soup, and tossed salads.

And dessert! The chocolate torte came with BACON-TOFFEE and sea salt. It was definitely a treat. This whole experience was a treat!


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