Monday, December 28, 2015

Pat’s King of Steaks - Philadelphia

3/5 stars

It was midnight and we were fresh off the plane. There wasn't a better way to start our mini-Philly vacation than with a cheesesteak!

After much research, I decided that we had to go to Pat's first because Pat's WAS the first - the place where the cheesesteak was invented.

CHEESESTEAK: Bread was authentic white, Italian (fresh-tasting, despite being midnight, not too tough or chewy) and the meat was quality, thick shavings, with bits of fat to keep it juicy. Chopped onions were delicious because they were cooked in the beef fat and the provolone was nice and sharp. It was a fine, decent sandwich - especially if you just flew 6 hours across the U.S. and you're starving. There were only two problems with it: my sandwich was warm (not hot) and because it was served warm, my cheese never melted. I prefer ooey-gooey, cheesy cheesesteak sandwiches, not steak sandwiches with slices of cold cheese.

ATMOSPHERE: Outdoor seating only, you can't get lettuce and tomatoes with your cheesesteak, and the place is overrun with disgusting drunks BUT it's open 24-hours, so if you don't want to dine with the late-night crowd, don't go late at night! Service was very fast and well ... they gave the bf a FREE cheesesteak because they had one lying around that nobody wanted (it had both cheese whiz and provolone on it). Can't complain! Hello, welcome to Philly! Here's your free cheesesteak!


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