Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Peju Province Winery - Rutherford

4/5 stars


Jeff is awesome.

Not only did we taste the four wines that were listed, but he overheard me talking to a friend about their Carnival (a lightly sweet, perfect summer wine - IMO), and opened a bottle of that for the group. Next, he threw in a taste of their Provence (red+white blend), port, AND two tastes of their newly released chardonnay (one at room temperature, and one at cold, just so we could taste the difference).

That was 9 free tastes, my friend. Yep. Jeff rocks.


I've been to Peju a couple times before and they're so consistent. I have ALWAYS had wonderful, cheerful, engaging service. I LOVE their Carnival wine - it's fruity and refreshing. The perfect summer white. I've bought their wine as gifts before and will continue to do so. This time, I went with their Estate Syrah with its hints of jam, cocoa, and spices.

Peju is always our last stop of the day because they're one of the only wineries open till 6PM. Peju is pretty - with a grassy area, a fountain, and a patio. Tastings are done in groups and the fee is waived with purchase.


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