Monday, December 28, 2015

Polkers Gourmet Burgers - San Francisco

4/5 stars

Brie, mushroom, bacon, avocado burger - what a treat!

FOOD: I don't think I've ever had a cheeseburger where the cheese was creamy, melted brie. Genius! Annnd they were generous with the brie! Also, I've NEVER been asked how I like my bacon cooked. I was pleasantly surprised. I do not like overcooked, crispy bacon - always afraid I'm gonna chip a tooth! I got my bacon limp and delicious. Ohh, and my medium-well was JUICY! Happy camper, yes. Curly fries with ranch and BBQ sauce, ftw.

ATMOSPHERE: nice, colorful paintings, serves beer and wine, Grey Poupon on the table... and did I mention my waitress asked me how I wanted my bacon cooked? That's 4-star service, ma'm.


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