Monday, December 28, 2015

Poor House Bistro - San Jose

2/5 stars

ATMOSPHERE: Sort of run-down, order at the counter à la Sonoma Chicken Coop with a huge outdoor area that will be nice in the summer. We came on a Thursday and there was live music - always a fun plus. I think this place is great for groups. Prices are kinda high - $8+ for a sandwich, $14+ for entrees, $5.50 for beers, $7+ for a small, plastic cup of wine.

FOOD: The Poor House Hot Po Boy was the winner with ham, roast beef, and topped with au jus. They also make a great potato salad. The burger was nothing special (thin beef patty) and the Crawfish pasta was tasty, but way, way too oily. The bread pudding with bourbon praline sauce and raisins was hot and yummy. I want to try the muffaletta next time.

I don't eat much New Orleans food - there aren't that many restaurants like this in the area. I've only been to one other - Celestin's in Sacramento - and I think Poor House has better food.


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