Monday, December 28, 2015

Roshambo - Sonoma (closed)

5/5 stars


My friends and I attended Roshambo's Annual Rock-Paper-Scissor competition and HAD A BLAST!

We met a bunch of awesome people (consensus is: people who drink Roshambo wines are the coolest people around), drank delicious wine, and busted out smooth rock-paper-scissor moves. There were crazy, fun costumes, friendly judges, a hot DJ, and fake money to place bets with. The bf even made it to the 3rd round (there were 4 in total, a little over $3000 was the grand prize).

I can't wait for 2010!


ATMOSPHERE: My kind of joint includes huge, iron bird cages, an old-school Ms. Pac-Man table-top arcade console, jr. high school gym lockers posing as wine racks, and wines with names like "Marry Me" and "Frank." It was love at first sight.

WINES: "Eccentric, solid, and slate" come to mind. Tasting fee was waived with wine purchase and we were so lucky - the bf got a whole case of their pinot noir for a mere $150!

POURER: Steve was the man - outgoing, knowledgeable, and super nice. I am JUST now showing an interest in wine and have so much to learn. I asked Steve totally basic questions and he made a newb like me feel 100% comfortable. This place is a must-go.

GOODIES: Roshambo is a winery for the laid-back, the biker, the punkster, and the awesome.


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