Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Sam’s Chowder House - Half Moon Bay

1/5 stars

I was going to give this place 3 stars, but I should probably stop being so generous. This place is touristy. Pretty much end of story. The clam chowder is the only good thing, I'd say. Oh, and the band that was playing was great (sorry - I don't remember their name). Even the drinks were touristy, if that makes any sense. Too syrupy sweet. And the prices O_O

(P.S. Swan Oyster Depot in San Francisco has better clam chowder.)

I ordered the baked oysters and it was served on a mountain of salt. They were definitely no Hog Island oysters. This place just feels like ... a Chili's. Not good, dudes.

Half Moon Bay is super purdy, though!


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