Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Sancho’s Taqueria - Palo Alto

3/5 stars

This may be oversharing, but I'm the type of person who needs to eat spaghetti after watching Lady and the Tramp. I get this intense craving and it's all I think about.

So, when my mom texted me from San Diego gushing about fish tacos, all I wanted was a fish taco. Specifically, I wanted fish tacos from Nick's in San Francisco. But because I didn't feel like battling rush hour to SF, I looked on Yelp for some place closer. Btw, I gotta tell you, It is NOT easy to find a fish taco in this here town. Seriously, what did we do before Yelp?

After doing a quick search, I found Sancho's and headed over there even though I was due at Pampas for Happy Hour soon. But I figure I could put my body through just one lil' taco. The crazy things I do for food.

So I got my taco and ate it in my car and was blissfully happy :-)

It was lightly fried, which I liked, and Sancho's was really generous with the fish, but I kinda wish that the batter was seasoned. I guess that's where the sauce came in (which was good), but the pico de gallo wasn't anything to write home about. And I would've liked another flour tortilla (because there was so much fish!) and a lime wedge instead of lemon.

It definitely wasn't an exciting fish taco, but it satisfied my craving (for about $4).


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